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Are your products and displays jumping out at shoppers and making them buy?

Eye Tracking technology

Eye Tracking technology

Eye-tracking technology reveals secrets of shopper behaviour

With competition from every direction – from the mulitiples to online shopping – it’s vital to know everything you can about how your shoppers behave. Most purchase decisions are made at the shelf during a few critical seconds. Are your products and displays jumping out at shoppers and making them buy?

Shelf help.
Now, advanced technology gives retailers a unique insight into how customers interact with shelves in store. This issue, we’re looking at the technique of eye-tracking which delivers intriguing new insights into how shoppers interact with products.

What is eyetracking?

Eye-tracking uses special glasses with a built-in camera to track a shopper’s eye movements and record what they actually look at in-store. It records their gaze path, where their eyes linger and, very importantly, what products and areas of a display they miss. Key metrics measure time spent looking at specific items – ‘dwell times’ -  to assess a shopper’s level of engagement with a product.

This powerful technology gives us real information based on what customers actually do rather than what they say they do.

Click here to see eye-tracking in action

If they don’t see it, they won’t buy it!
Obvious, of course, but it’s surprising how some stores can make it difficult for shoppers to see what’s on sale. Labelling needs to be visible. Products on lower shelves, for example, will only catch a customer’s eye if the label is on the lid.

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