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What is a Planogram?

A planogram is a tool used within the retail industry in order to improve marketing. A planogram is a diagram or drawing, detailing the positioning of products on display.

Retailers often hire planogram contractors, experts on planogram or buy planogram software to work out issues themselves. Whichever planogram option you take you will be sure to see the best
possible outcome once the planogram programme is complete.

1) Planogram Function:

A planogram has one purpose, to increase sales. Layouts in retailers often change; a planogram can give an idea of how the store will look. Once you have seen a few variations from the planogram a decision can be made regarding product placement.

2) Planogram Features:

A planogram will feature such specifications as product placement, amount of product facings (Number of rows on a shelf), shelf heights etc. Many different planogram scenarios can be played out with a planogram to give you good options.

3) Benefit of a Planogram:

Different positioning as figured out by a planogram will have a significant difference in the number of sales that particular product makes. A planogram will explain that a profitable and popular product is best places at eye level with a larger number of facings.

4) Planogram Types:

Planogram software can be quite expensive but it is worthwhile investing. Although there are different types of planogram software you will find the right one for your retailing outlet, helping you to accurately lay out your store as it will look.

5) Time Scale of Planogram:

It is best to use your planogram programme a few weeks to a month in advance of your outlet being re-stocked. A good planogram specialist will use dummy shelving units to give you exact dimensions and layout before making a final decision.

A planogram is the way forward for retailers that wish to regularly change their store layout. By keeping things fresh and inviting customers to view the right products that will make money, a planogram is surely a guaranteed purchase.

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