Convenience Retailer Marketing Ideas

Promoting your convenience store doesn’t have to cost the earth in advertising and marketing expenditure. These simple convenience store marketing ideas will help boost your convenience store’s bottom line.

Convenience Retailer Marketing Idea 1: Set up a Facebook & Twitter Account

Facebook and Twitter provide a free marketing tool for your store. Regular ‘Tweets’ promoting your store’s latest news, special offers or new products can help boost those all important sales.

Adding photographs of new product lines or new POS materials to your Facebook page is also a great way of generating interest in new products and promotions in store.

See how Emma Spencer is taking advantage of Facebook and Twitter to promote her Newsagents in Burton on Trent to boost her bottom line in Encounter Issue #7 here.

Convenience Retailer Marketing Idea 2: Create a Marketing Plan

Your marketing plan doesn’t need to be complicated or highly detailed, a simple plan including a monthly or weekly calendar of marketing activities that coincide with certain holidays and events throughout the year such as Father’s Day, The Olympics, European Football Championships, etc is just as effective. Tailoring promotions and certain products around these dates will help to boost sales.

Include your monthly budget and deadline for these promotions, as well as who is responsible for which activity. The key to a successful marketing campaign  is sticking to the original plan.

Convenience Retailer Marketing Idea 3: Set up a free webpage

The new convenience store directory YourShopLocal allows local convenience store owners to set up a completely free web page for their store with the ability to add images, opening hours, latest news and promotions and the products and services available in store. Local shoppers can then find your store through the easy to use post code search facility.

YourShopLocal generates all of its income from advertising to provide the free service for convenience store owners. Register your convenience store for free here.

Convenience Retailer Marketing Idea 4: Increase Grab & Go Items

Increasing lines of grab-and-go items in your store can help increase multiple purchases. Offering meal deals including drinks and snacks as a lunchtime special can help turn a single sale of a drink into a sale of a sandwich, drink and a snack.

Market these offers to your followers on Twitter and the regular customers who pop in for a coffee or newspaper in the morning. Encourage them to pick up a meal deal as well as the regular paper to take to the office. Creative signage and POS materials will make sure customers see the new line of grab-and-go items.

What convenience store marketing ideas are you using to promote your convenience store? Let us know and we might just feature your ideas in a future issue of Encounter.

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